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Take Heart Association Project (THAP) is a registered Non-governmental Organisation which helps needy children with heart disease to obtain treatment. For underprivileged families in Kenya the cost of treating heart ailments is far beyond their reach. The result is that children die needlessly, either because they cannot afford treatment or are ignorant of what ails them. THAP has working relationships with several cardiologists who refer such needy cases to us.

For the poorest of families in Kenya whose children suffer from congenital heart defects and rheumatic heart disease, Take Heart Association Project is currently the only grassroots organisation of its kind assisting in raising funds and negotiating the maze of paperwork and logistical procedures associated with obtaining the needed life-saving surgeries for their children, as well as post-operative care. Kenya has 200,000 new cases of rheumatic heart disease and 10,000 cases of children born with congenital heart disease annually.

Take Heart Association Project Successes

Successful operations

Since our establishment, over 120 children have been able to return to normal, healthy lives. However, there still remains a lot to be done, for over 10,000 children are born with congenital heart defects annually in Kenya.

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THAP waiting list

Those who wait

When a child is referred to us either by cardiologists or individuals and organizations that know THAP he or she is evaluated using criteria developed by THAP and its medical partners. Each potential beneficiary has to submit a medical diagnosis report from a doctor.

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You don't have to be a millionaire to touch a child's life. Every little contribution goes a long way in giving these children a second lease of life.

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